Scaffolding Solutions

Industrial Scaffolding Waikato, call Summit Scaffolding Waikato.  Summit Scaffolding Waikato offers scaffolding and shoring systems to suit any-sized industrial scaffolding requirement, large scale or small. Our industrial division is ever-expanding with our base in the Waikato allowing us to extend our focus on developing complex, safety regulated scaffolding systems to engineer solutions for you.

Summit Scaffolding Waikato are experts in providing industrial scaffold and shoring systems for capital projects, plant maintenance endeavours, upgrades and modifications, shutdowns and turnarounds, outages, temporary cladding, protective coatings and industrial insulation jobs.

Our management team are well versed in Workplace Safety Management Practices (it’s their bread and butter) including health and safety assessments, giving quotations, design plans and site audits which we then action via the appropriate channels.

The logistics behind our installations are checked and double checked – no nasty surprises here – and our 100% allegiance to Work Safe practices means every job, without exception, is in very capable hands.

Our SARNZ (Scaffolding Access and Rigging New Zealand) qualified and certified installers perform work that is fully competent, compliant and of industry standard or beyond.

Summit Scaffolding Waikato is proud to offer:

  • 1000mm wide platforms to provide a safe, weight sensitive and stable base
  • Roof protection adjusted to the pitch angle to prevent falls and protect ground staff
  • K Guard and Catchfan edge protection and barrier systems
  • Bridge decks and temporary fences to keep tools and equipment secure, hazards enclosed and passing public safe
  • Tube and fitting scaffolding
  • Kwikstage scaffolding
  • Trusses and stair systems
  • Rubbish chutes
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • Mobile access towers
  • Shrink wrap for weather-proofing and contaminants, pollutants, dust and debris containment
  • Propping (falsework) to provide appropriate support equipment to uphold the structure.

Summit Scaffolding are 100% committed in all aspects of our work: skill, health and safety, communication, time management and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Our desire to provide the safest possible product to our clients coupled with the expert installation of that product on time and on budget enables us to enjoy all our business relationships.

We place the same priority on the safety and efficiency of the general public, on-site workers, any of our team or yours. We put people first.


Branch Manager, Gary Pearson

T: 0220 432619

Contracts Manager, Bob Aughey

T: 027 457 9188