Propping and Shore Loading Waikato

Propping Shore loading Waikato. Summit Scaffolding Waikato has an expert team on board who take great pride in their industry. One major component of the scaffolding practice is installing the support mechanisms which hold a temporarily non-supported structure firm and stable. This process is called Propping (Falsework) and Shore Loading and enables safe access to your project while preserving and protecting the skeleton.

Summit Scaffolding Waikato provide the propping (or falsework) and shore loading services needed to support the weight of the structure under repair or renovation. This removes any risk of building or construction collapse and allows contractors safe access while work is undertaken.

Building foundations must be secure enough to support the loads carried by the falsework, such as concrete beams, slabs and floor units to minimise the risk of injury and ensure the job is completed with zero losses – either time or money.

All this is highly skilled work and is a logistical and legal requirement Summit guarantees to fulfil.

Directed by the Code of Practice for Falsework under the Construction Regulations, 1996, propping is ably carried out by our team at Summit Scaffolding Waikato. The vital elements here are the assessment, planning and design process, materials, assembly and application.

Summit’s preferred brand of propping product is Kwikstage, a durable, incredibly strong and versatile frame, brace and jack system which never fails.

Kwikstage is infinitely adjustable and as the names suggests, is quick to install. We use it because it is compact, compatible, easily portable, lightweight and simple to set up and pack down. It’s easy to change to suit progressional dimensions as different areas of the job at hand require access.

Kwikstage offers a brilliant shoring system which is flexible, adjustable, adaptable and suitable for a wide range of uses such as:

  • Multi-storey apartments
  • Heritage buildings
  • Earthquake damaged buildings
  • Bridges and overpasses
  • Large-scale industrial sites
  • Demolition sites
  • New homes and renovations
  • Office blocks
  • Schools and universities
  • Retail outlets and malls
  • Industrial enterprise
  • Subdivisions.


Gary Pearson, Branch Manager
T: 0220 432619

Contracts Manager, Bob Aughey

T: 027 457 9188